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Family, Military and Fraternal Reunions
The Makai Beach Resort is the perfect destination for your Florida  reunion regardless if it is for your immediate family or for your "family" from the military or college. The Makai offers pristine beaches and blue shining waters, clean and comfortable accommodations, fine dining, shopping, world-class golfing, and great venues for your reunion accommodation needs.

Whether you love catching up with long-lost cousins or friends or dread the inevitable cheek-pinch from your Aunt Harriot,  reunions are a great
way to reconnect with the family and those from your past. And with everyone scattered all over the country or even the globe, reunions are
increasingly taking on a greater significance.

Because individual members often have to fly or drive long distances to be together, many families are opting to upgrade their reunions from an
afternoon at Granny's house to a longer getaway, such as a weekend or a few days at the beach. For folks who like to travel, it's a double bonus; you get to catch up with your relatives and explore all the new activities and adventures of Daytona and Ormond Beach.